Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer: The Ultimate Season for Break Ups!!!

Image Source: Summer

Image Source: Break Up!!!

Summer, ah yes it's finally here. Summer the ultimate season, ultimate season for Break Ups! Now let's review some of the habits of men and women nowadays.

Image Source: Kim Kardashian

For the Fellas...Ya'll know what I'm talking about brethren.You're in a relationship during the cold months (hibernation or cocooned) and then the Heat mixed with that Jezebel with the Meagan Good shape and Porn Star Ass got you summer feining. Yup, you just caught the summer fever. Then all of sudden that stable woman you had is starting to look more and more like a problem! Everything she does and says just gets on your nerves. She scuffed your fresh out the box J's..its a problem! She took too long in the shower..its a problem! Finally, she changed the channel from the NBA finals to put that fake ass Kim Kardashian wedding!!! Its a f*cking problem!!!

Image Source: Squatlo-rant

And ladies..can't forget about you're summer crushes. You went to that 1st summer cookout and saw this dude with the nice whip with more ink on his body then Weezy and Birdman and you loved the B.S he was selling, so what did you do? You gave him that number and it was a wrap!!. You've just been infected by the Summer madness.

Its all real, I've seen it like a 27 inch Zenith in Technicolor. We hot blooded mammals need to run off the farm and go play in the wild and live free. Wiz Khalifa Ft. Snoop Dogg & Bruno Mars said it their song "Young, Wild & Free"

But why bring the drama fool? What motivates this sort of behavior? No need to get all scientific..Method Man said it best: "Anything better than pussy, is some new pussy!" Everyone and their momma know that! And as we all know, women nowadays confuse the hell out of their own mind. World renowned rapper, Marshall Mathers says it best:"You want what you can't have!"

All in all, your role is like your resume for a job. Gotta keep it 100, Gotta keep it Real. What's the new acronym from rapper, Drake. Oh yea, I remember YOLO (You Only Live Once).
I'm not saying that you can't do you. If you wanna go Ape by all means handle yo bid'ness. I don't think you'll be saying YOLO if you caught the gift that keeping on giving. Remember don't f*ck as if AIDS doesn't exist!!! Ladies & Fellas just be safe and enjoy your summer.

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