Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Air Yeezy 2 Camp Out

Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezy was released on Saturday, June 9, 2012. But they are available only in a limited supply in worldwide.
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On my last blog I spoke about the camp out for the Lebron 9 Elite South Beach sneakers. I never thought I would ever do a camp out for sneakers for four days. I was able get there on time before the lineup had too many people, was one of the top 10 people on the line. This was my first campout ever. I must say it was quite an experience from beginning to end. My cousin and I went to camp out in front the Exclucity store in the West Island, Montreal since Tuesday night. To be honest at times I wasn't a happy camper. At times wanted to say f*ck this and go back home, but I made a promise and your word is all you have in this world,  yep "word is bond." A friend lived near by so my cousin and I went to take our showers, boy oh boy after that I felt like a new man. For the four days we spent urban camping, our diet consisted  mainly of Jamaican beef patties, McDonald's, and pizza; so healthy right. It was quite experience I met a lot of cool people at the camp out. The first in line was Terrel (referred to as #1, first on lineup for the Yeezy shoes), an 18 year old rapper in a  Montreal rap group called  BDT "Big Dreams Team". I listened to a few of their songs on their mixtape (Stars). Here the link: My personal favorite track is Poison (beat was made by Myles) beat is pretty sick. Another cool cat was Jerry (guy in red and black checked shirt), a local resident that stopped by the store every early afternoon, check up what's up at the store. He is very smart and funny guy me personally I think he could have his own TV show. I had my video camera during the camp out here's from live footage and me unboxing the Yeezy shoes. Would I do a camp out again? Probably not, but hey you never know never say never. 


Thought of The Day:
"If you thought camping was serious, well sh*t just got real" 
- Thomas (Guy from the lineup)

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