Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Allure of Cuffing Season

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The leaves are changing color. The leaves are falling from the tree branches. You feel the coldness in the air. No wearing tank tops and shorts.  Summer is officially over and Fall is here not mention it’s only going to get colder with the Winter coming right after. Ladies and Fellas, you know what time it is…Yeah that’s right Cuffing Season.  Tick…Tock where’s your hibernating buddy someone to keep you warm on those cold nights.

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Gifts & Other Activities

Cuffing season falls around the time of giving. This is especially a good for the ladies. They can expect to receive gifts from your cuffing partner that is if they decide to stick around till Christmas & Valentine's Day. Gifts range from different things from clothes to jewelry. It’s possible that gifts can better than what I’ve mentioned, this depends how much of baller your cuffing partner is. Fall activities include apple and pumpkin picking. Winter activities include cabin getaways for skiing or snowboarding; even ice-skating at the local park.

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Hot,Passionate Sex

Fellas you’re going to love this. After enjoying the day of tiresome activities with your new boo, it’s time to unwind and relax. Maybe have hot oil massage ease the tension of those tight muscles. It was in the American Pie they said it feels, “Like warm apple pie.” “McDonalds or homemade?” Well I’ll leave to you figure that part out.

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A Warm, Snuggle Buddy
After the deed  has been done. It's so sensual. There nothing feels that so good like warm body to sleep next to. Wake up the next morning and do it all again. Ahh, you gotta love this time of the year.
Remember fellas that if you get into a relationship around this time trust it may not last long term, this goes vice-versa for the ladies as well. Expect to  gradually have less communication with cuffing buddy when the thrill is dying down and weather is getting warmer. All I can say is the thirst is real and happy hunting. I don’t why, but I’m suddenly craving McDonald’s apple pie ;-) .
Thought of The Day:
"Always remember to get it in as much as you can always keep a gatorade bottle close by. With  all them candles and goose feathers...Gotta keep hydrated!"
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