Sunday, August 12, 2012

Guitar (Cover)

Here's a video of me playing acoustic guitar.

Hold Yuh (Dancehall/Reggae song) by Gyptian & Se Pa Pou Dat (Kompa song) by Alan Cave

Reggae-  is most easily recognized by the rhythmic accents on the off-beat, usually played by guitar or piano (or both), known as the skank. This pattern accents the second and fourth beat in each bar (or the "and"s of each beat depending on how the music is counted) and combines with the drums emphasis on beat three to create a unique feel and sense of phrasing in contrast to most other popular genres focus on beat one, the "downbeat" (Source: Wikipedia- Reggae)

Kompa- is easy and fun to dance to, incorporating musical traditions like MĂ©ringue, which propel dancers around the floor with lively, active beats (though Compas has a slower beat and dance than Merengue). (Source: Wikipedia- Compas)

Hold Yuh by Gyptian (Official Music video)

Se Pa Pou Dat by Alan Cave 

Thanks for viewing my blog & hope you enjoy the music,

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