Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer: The Ultimate Season for Beefs As Well!!!

Summer...This the Season composed of the heat (not the NBA team who won the championship with all the calls in their favor...), Hot Times, Skimpy Shorts, Cookouts and BEEF!!! 

Ah yes! Beef or as what my white friends tend to say: Friction!!! I'm saying them hot days produce the most memorable moments.           

Image Source: Charly Black
                                                                                   Example #1: Crowded house party. Alcohol flowing, good times and the vibe is riiiiigggghhhhtttt!!! Then all of a sudden the goons wanna spoil the fun and start harassing all the females in the spot. Then all of a sudden, you see that dude that you slapped up a few months back because he got fresh with you. Since dude now has strength in numbers, he wants to serve that dish called guessed it..COLD!!!

Image Source: Jealous Ex- Girlfriend

Example #2: Your ex-girl who you broke it off with because it's summer time, sees you with that new shorty at the "Everybody is gonna be there Cookout!!" Obviously, she did not appreciate, accept or just wanted to settle the score with your triffling ass..So she causes a scene and your summer bunny gets splashed with a drink and you leave the premises in a New York minute.

Image Source: Parents & Children
Example #3: The folks, the people that gave raised you since birth. You're at the age when you can make your own decisions, but advice isn't given it's demanded. Just show a sense of autonomy to them and BOOM all hell breaks loose. Now, they feel disrespected because your not following their suggestions since they still see you as a two year-old. Now if you're right they're mad because you didn't listen to them and that you proved them wrong. Now if you're wrong they're still mad for not listening, but this time they gonna say "I told you so" and you're never hear the end of it. Either way you look at it, there's no winning.

All in all, beef comes to those who stir the pot and to those who are in line for it as well. Which one are you ladies and gents? 

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