Thursday, May 31, 2012

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

 Image Souce: Miami South Beach
My parents named Alee Chery. I'm nineties, Aries baby. I was born in MIA aka Miami, Florida.

                                                                     Me at age 2

Image Souce: Lennox Terrace Apartments
When I was 3, I had moved to here Harlem, New York. Here are the Lennox Terrace apartments.

Image Souce: Westbury Hills Wall
When I was 10 years old, I had moved again to Westbury, New York.

About The Blog: 

Here is AC Apparel Logo. It new upcoming clothing line that I, AC is currently working on. I have already done many designs and plan to create more very soon.  Some of my work can be seen, search AC Apparel on Facebook.  The Blog will discuss fashion, news, music, thought of the day, and anything else that is of importance.

First Thought of The Day:

"The beginning is the most important of the work." - Plato  
One simply mustn't only say he/she will plan, there needs action to be taken. "If you talk the talk, you must walk the walk." For myself starting any task is the hardest part. Its the hardest part because  your starting from nothing. But once you have your focus (tunnel vision) " the plan/idea" the rest just comes and flows and everything else becomes easier. Once you know what you want to accomplish, the sky isn't the only limit. Hey, man has been on the moon when it seemed impossible.

What are  your thoughts on this quote from this famous Greek philosopher?

Thanks for reading my blog,


  1. You have something interesting going on here, Keep it up. I especially love your thought of day. Plato is one of my favorite, and the quote you used is very inspiring. You should take a look at Platos's "Allegory of the Cave", it is a very good read if you haven't already. I liked it and it opened up my mind, because I tend to get those flustered ideas as well. So much ideas and having a hard time focusing on just one. However, if you take the time to go with what first came to mind, then yes the rest will definitely follow. Life has many endless opportunities, so its up to you to go and grab it because it will not come to you.

    Alright take care,


    1. I appreciate the feedback. I actually I haven't read the Allegory of the Cave, but I most definitely will take look at the book.

      Thanks Ada =)


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